Thursday, 7 June 2007

Welcome Puteri Dayang Nur Rania to the World

Syukur Alhamdullilah to Abang Hashim and Dayang Al-Duera for their new born baby Dayang Nur Rania. She looks cute and cuddly in the warm hands of the father. We are happy and congratulate for your latest award from God and continously murah rezeki and panjang umur.

Also not forgeting to the loving wife Dayang Al-Duera for being patient past 9 months.

Grandchildren on the way

News are in the air whereby a baby is on the way. It was confirmed by Iza and Lyn the loving children to Datuk Seri Abang Zohari and Datin Jumaani. Wish them all the best of health and congratulations. May God bless you.

Abang ZulAzree Engaged at LasT

The gorgoues gentlement at times seeing in Black Harrier or Topless BMW driving around Kuching has ended his pre-bachelor days. Kuching town was gloomy and wet as millions of other homosapiens end in tears whereby one of the most elegible bachelor son of Datuk Abang Abdul Karim and Datin Airi tie a pre-nuptail knot last Saturday 2nd June 2007.

The event was attended by most family members and close associates of the future bridegroom. The engagement partner known as "Pit" seen happy with the proposal from the gorgeous young eligible bachelor.

Congratulations again !

Rafflesia Family Carnival Champion 2007

Congratulations to Rafflesia being the champions of Family Carnival 2007 and by leading the nearest competitor by one single point. Sunflower tried their best to compete in all events but they lost in the final segment - the total accumulated points. The tough and enjoyable competition was appreciated by all family members. The committee are greatful to our Event Chairman for his contributions and effort to ensure the game was a succcess.

Even though there are hue and cry from the respective team members but all members compete for a good cause. How far we struggle and fight but at the end of the day we all Unite as ONE big Family. (extract from Prof. Dr. Khairuddin's Text)

Again Congratulation to Datuk Abang Abdul Karim as Chairman, Tuan Haji Abang Hashim as Chief Executive Officer and Team members. Eventhough by distance of one point -End of the day Rafflesia are the Champions.

Hip Hip Hooray

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Best Wishes

First of all, sorry cant attend to the 2nd Family carnival, as i did miss the first in year 2005.. well, on the reasons of studies.. hehehe... well, best wishes for my group, n others.. have a healthy match, n dont be fickle minded as what Wa Hashim said so!! hehe.. also, not forgotten, birthday wishes for Wa Hashim n Etty.. wish u all da best...

Rahman Hamid

Review the Updated Family Carnival Ittenary

Itinerary for Family Carnival 2007 / Location: Damai Beach, Kuching, Sarawak. /Theme: Back to the 60 & 70’s Era

Date Time Details
14.00 pm Check-in (free and easy)
17.30 pm Sound Check for Karaoke participants
20.30 pm Launching of Family Carnival
Opening Speech by the Event Chairman
Speech by the Team Chairman
Family Carnival commence
Karaoke Competition
3rd Generation Presentation

06.00 am Taichi
07.00 am Breakfast at the coffee house
08.30 am Tele-match (5 games – 2 hrs)
10.30 am Beach soccer (multiple changes)
13.00 pm Lunch (food and beverage provided)
14.00 pm Ping Pong – Double male and Double female
Weaving of Ketupat Contest
Flower Arrangement Contest
Intellectual team coloring contest
16.00 pm Treasure Hunt
17.30 pm Sound check for group – Rafflesia
17.45 pm Sound check for group – Bunga Raya
18.00 pm Sound check for group – Sunflower
18.15 pm Sound check for group - Rose
19.30 pm Arrival of Team Members for Dinner.
Theme: Back to the 60’s & 70’s Era
20.00 pm Arrival of Guest of Honor
20.30 pm Dinner commence
21.00 pm Team presentation
1st Generation Presentation
2nd Generation Presentation
23.00 pm Prize giving session
0.00 pm End of Event

20/02/2007 13.00 pm Breakfast and Check Out from Hotel

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Sunflower preview location prior FC2007

Sunflower Chief Executive Officer made a site visit to preview the possible location and venue held during the FC2007. Their spokeperson Abang Burhanuddin mention to us that their group is going extensive preparation for the coming FC2007. Karaoke songs are selected based on their group member's voice capability with the assistance of their appointed vocal instructor from RTM.

As for the performance, their attire has been custom made for the function and flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur. Training has been carry out at their Chairman's residence from session to sessions.

Their main intention is to uphold as reigning champion under the Chairmanship of Datuk Sri Abang Johari, Chief Executive Officer Dayang Mariani and their respective members.

Viva Sunflower

Beritakini wish all of you the very best of luck.